What Is An Omni Bet In Horse Racing?

Marcus Bazzano
By Marcus Bazzano
What Is An Omni Bet In Horse Racing?

What Is An Omni/Swinger Bet? 

An Omni/Swinger bet is a bet that allows punters to make two choices to finish in the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd positions, respectively, in a race. 

You win if both of your picks place in the first three winning combinations, in any order. There are three possible winning combinations. 

  • 1st & 2nd 
  • 1st & 3rd 
  • 2nd & 3rd 

Consider it a cross between a Trifecta and an Exacta but with a higher likelihood of winning a ticket.

How Does An Omni Bet Work?

Below is an example of how to use an Omni bet in horse racing.

  • Omni horse selections: 4 & 6.  

Only the 1st and 3rd places will be paid out on this wager if the race results are 6-2-4. 

Numbers in an Omni bet are automatically boxed, thus if both horses place in the top three, the $2 bet of 4 & 6 covers all placings.

How To Use An Omni Bet In Horse Racing?

To win an Omni bet, you must correctly predict two runners in any sequence to place in the top three.

Every race with six or more runners is eligible for the bet type. The Omni is still available if there are scratches and the field shrinks to four or five, but it will only pay for the first two runners (such as a quinella) rather than the first three.

Every winning combination receives a different payout. A distinct dividend is awarded for each of the five winning combinations if there is a dead heat for the third spot. 

However, the two horses that finished third together are not regarded as a successful Omni bet.

Marcus Bazzano
By Marcus Bazzano

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